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Administrative Rules and Regulations

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The Law School expects regular and punctual attendance by all students enrolled in Law School courses. Further, students should be prepared for each class session.

Attendance policy is set forth in the Law School catalog, available from the school, or online at http://www.law.umkc.edu.

Scholastic Probation and Dismissal

A student will be placed on scholastic probation whenever the studentís grade-point average falls below 1.8. A student on probation must attain an overall 2.0 GPA by the end of the next semester of coursework, or, unless an exception is made by the Student Affairs Committee, will be dismissed from the program for academic deficiency.

Examinations and Grades

In most courses, the final grade is based on the student's achievement on an examination given at the end of the semester. Examinations are anonymous, and papers are identified solely by number. Each student is expected to take examinations at the scheduled times. For failure to do so, a grade of F is assigned.

Grading of student work is on a 4.0 system:
  A+ = 4.3 A = 4.0  A- = 3.7
  B+ = 3.3 B = 3.0 B- = 2.7
  C+ = 2.3 C = 2.0 C- = 1.7
  D+ = 1.3 D = 1.0 D- = 0.7
  F = 0    

Some courses are graded on a pass/fail basis.

A student receiving a grade of F in a required course must repeat and pass the course. Grades of F remain on a student's transcript and count toward a student's grade-point average even if a course for which an F is given is repeated and passed.

The temporary grade of I (incomplete) is recorded when the student has not completed the work required for the course. It may only be entered with the written permission of the professor teaching the course. If the work is not completed and a permanent grade not submitted to the school's records office by the end of the following semester, the I grade will be replaced with a grade of F.

Final Examination Rescheduling Policy

LL.M. students may reschedule an examination only in conformity with the law school rescheduling policy. Students requesting rescheduling should consult the policy, available from the Law Schoolís Director of Student Support Services.

Appeal of Grades

Students are responsible for meeting the standards of academic performance established for each course in which they are enrolled. The establishment of the criteria for grades and the evaluation of student academic performance are the responsibilities of the professor.

The school's grade appeal procedure is available only for the review of allegedly capricious grading, and not for review of a professor's evaluation of a student's academic performance. Capricious grading, for grade appeal purposes, consists only of any of the following:

1. the assignment of a grade to a particular student on some basis other than the performance in the course;

2. the assignment of a grade to a particular student by resort to more exacting or demanding standards than were applied to other students in the course;

3. the assignment of a grade by a substantial departure from the professor's previously announced standards.

Step 1: The student should first discuss the course grade fully with the professor. This must be done within six weeks after the professor turns in the grade or the beginning of the succeeding regular academic semester, whichever is later.

Step 2: If the matter is not resolved through consultation with the professor, the student may appeal to the dean. This must be done within ten (10) days after notification of the decision of the professor. The appeal to the dean shall be in writing, and shall state which of the three charges of capricious grading is alleged to have been violated and shall specify such facts as are relied upon to support the charge.

Step 3: The dean shall review the appeal and if found to be without merit shall dismiss it. If determined that the appeal may have merit, the dean shall appoint an ad hoc faculty committee to review the record and provide advice on the matter. The grade in any course that is based on an anonymously-graded examination shall be presumed not to be capricious.

Step 4: If the dean believes a change in the grade to be warranted, he or she shall present a report to the faculty of the Law School in order that the faculty may act on the matter.

Step 5: If the student is dissatisfied with the action of the dean or the faculty, the student, within 10 calendar days of the decision of the dean, may appeal to the chancellor in accordance with the University of Missouri-Kansas City Procedure for the Appeal of Grades.

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