Summer Academic Enrichment
at the
University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law

Program Description

The Summer Academic Enrichment Program is a small part of an overall academic success program at UMKC Law School. The School of Law is committed to its students' success. Although the study of law is a difficult and challenging endeavor, the school attempts to work with students to maximize their efforts and see them through the process successfully.

The Summer Academic Enrichment Program is held immediately prior to orientation. Students participating in the summer program may follow up during the academic year with weekly group meetings focusing on learning styles, learning strategies, time management and development of skills necessary for law school success.

Students meet approximately eight hours a day for five days. Each day focuses on a "stage" of law school learning : orientation, preparing for class, class, after-class review, preparing for exams & taking exams. The skills of reading, writing and thinking at each of these stages is addressed through simulated classes, direct teaching of study skills, written and oral exercises, and individual meetings with students. Students work with Professor Glesner Fines's Law School Materials for Success and cases and statutes designed according to the subject matter areas of the participating faculty.

Law School Materials for Success

2010 Summer Academic Enrichment Schedule

Suggested books for pre-law reading

If you are a student enrolling in the 2009-10 entering class of UMKC Law School and would like more information about this program, email Professor Weddle or Dean Glesner Fines with your name, address, phone number (summer) and a brief statement of the reasons for your interest in participating in the program.

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