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Lawyering Skills Faculty

                  Small pointer arrow Wanda M.Temm, Clinical Professor of Law, Director of Bar Services
                  Small pointer arrow Aaron House, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
                  Small pointer arrow Allison Kort, Visiting Associate Clinical Professor of Law
                  Small pointer arrow Judith Popper, Clinical Professor of Law
                  Small pointer arrow Daniel Weddle, Clinical Professor of Law, Director of Academic Support
                  Small pointer arrow Barbara Wilson, Clinical Professor of Law

Research Tour Updates

Small pointer arrow  Tour 1 - Missouri Statutes
Small pointer arrow  Tour 2 - Case Reporters and Digests
Small pointer arrow  Tour 3 - Administrative Law
Small pointer arrow  Tour 4 - Secondary Sources
Small pointer arrow  Tour 5 - Citators
Small pointer arrow  Tour 6 - Legislative History
Small pointer arrow  Tour 7 - Online Research
Small pointer arrow  Tour 7 - Homework

Supplementary Materials  (PDFs)

 Small pointer arrow Part 1
     Letter to New Law Students
     Interview with Five Experts
     Detailed Case Brief
  Small pointer arrow Part 2
      Circuit Court Map

     Court Structure
     Email Like a Lawyer
 Small pointer arrow Part 3
     Hierarchy of Authority Exercise
  Small pointer arrow Part 4
     Precedent and Stare Decisis Exercise for Students
  Small pointer arrow Part 5
   Applying Rules to Facts
     Assignment Drop Box Instructions
     Cover Sheet - Declaration of Compliance
     Local Rules of Court
     Prevent Computer Issues with Critical Documents
     Removing Metadata in Your Document
  Small pointer arrow Part 6
     Working with Rules and Facts
  Small pointer arrow Part 7
     Self and Peer Evaluation Guidelines
Small pointer arrow Part 8
     What You Need to Know
Small pointer arrow Part 9
     Craft of Legal Writing
     Revision Checklist
     Transitions and Signals
     Clumsy Words
     Sample Memo - House
     Sample Memo - Kort
     Sample Memo - Popper
     Sample Memo - Weddle
     Sample Memo - Wilson

  Small pointer arrow Part 10
     Plagiarism Policy
     Chart on Paraphrasing and Quoting
     Consequences of Plagiarism

  Small pointer arrow Part 11
     Making Sound Case Analogies
  Small pointer arrow Part 12
     Managing Your Research
     Research Strategies


Small pointer arrow  Across the Line

Small pointer arrow  Administrative Law

Small pointer arrow  Developing Professionalism

Small pointer arrow  Case for Legal Writing 

Small pointer arrow  Cases, Digests and Reporters 

Small pointer arrow  Chamber Procedures/Standing Orders/Sample Orders—Pretrial Hearings 

Small pointer arrow  How many cases should I cite? 

Small pointer arrow  Learning to Use Bluebook Citation 

Small pointer arrow  Oral Argument Demonstration March 2014

Small pointer arrow  Oral Argument Instructional Video 

Small pointer arrow  Practical Skills Test 

Small pointer arrow  Secondary Sourcesman 

Small pointer arrow  Statute Research  


Small pointer arrowUnderstanding Federal and State Courts
Small pointer arrow
Free Legal Writing Exercises

Small pointer arrowComputer and Internet Based Research


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Small pointer arrowEssays and Writing Contests

Small pointer arrowResearch Links

Small pointer arrowGet Real About Research and Writing


Essays and Writing Contests for Law Students

UMKC School of Law Federal Estate Planning Symposium Prize

Google search for "legal writing contest"



Research Links

Small pointer arrow  E-Mail & Phone Directories
Small pointer arrow  Government Info & Forms
Small pointer arrow  Grammar Sites
Small pointer arrow  Law Directories
Small pointer arrow  Legal Research Sites
Small pointer arrow  Legal Writing Sites
Small pointer arrow  Newspapers
Small pointer arrow  Other Information
Small pointer arrow  Persuasion

E-Mail & Phone Directories

AT&T AnyWho -
Four11 Directory Services -
InfoSpace -
SuperpagesYellow and White Pages -
Switchboard Home Page -
Temple University Directory -
WhoWhere - www.whowhere.comm

Government Info & Forms

Bureau of Labor Statistics -
Commerce Dept. FedWorld -
Internal Revenue Service -
Government Forms - Links for Download Sites -
Library of Congress Home Page -

Grammar Sites

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) -
Guide to Grammar Writing -

Lawyer Directories

Lawyers Directory from Martindale -

Legal Research Sites

Bibliographic Formats for Citing Electronic Information -
Google University Search -
Hein-On-Line -
Internet Legal Resource Group -
Legal Information Institute -
Legal Publishers -
Lexis-Nexis -
US Supreme Court Argument Transcripts -
US Supreme Court Database -- Oyez Project -
US Supreme Court -
West Group Products Picture Directory - -
WWW Virtual Library- Law -
Touro Law Center Law Library -
New York Court Central -
Legal Research Guides -
Legal Research Tutorials -
Berring on Legal Research Podcasts -
FindLaw for Legal Professionals - (choose "Legal Professionals" tab)
Legal Research Links - (Prof. Colleen Barger)
Circuit Splits Blog -
Inter Alia: Internet Research Weblog -
State Court Web Sites -
Federal Court Web Sites -
THOMAS: Library of Congress Online -
Executive Branch Online -
United States Census Bureau -
Questia (great online general library; requires paid membership) - Legal Dictionary -
Quicklaw America -

Legal Writing Sites

Online Legal Writing Exercises -
Legal Writing in Plain English - (Bryan Garner)
Legal Writing in Plain English Exercises - (Bryan Garner)
the (new) legal writer -- (a blog of resources for and about legal writing) -
A blog and resources -
LawProse Video Archive -- (Bryan Garner's collection of judge interviews discussing writing skills) -  


Chronicle of Higher Education -
Los Angeles Times -
New York Times -
Wall Street Journal -
Washington Post -

Other Information

ACCRA Cost of Living Index - Great Books Online - -
CataList, catalog of LISTSERV lists -
CompletePlanet Database Search - -
Hoaxkill -
Infomine Scholarly Internet Resource Collections -
Library of Congress Online Catalogs -
Mayer Brown, Rowe & Maw's appellate practice - -
ScamBusters -
Search Systems (Public Records) -
The Quotations Page -
The Smoking Gun -
Thomas Register  -
Urban Legends and Folklore -
Urban Legends Reference Pages -
FindLaw - Law Schools A-Z -
National Conference of Bar Examiners - -
Scribes -
Law Student's Guide to Good Writing -


Visual Rhetoric (Painting with Print by Ruth Anne Robbins) -
The Three Appeals -
    Logos -
    Pathos -
    Ethos -
Letter from a Birminghm Jail with Rhetorical Analysis -
American Rhetoric (a collection of speeches, movie clips, audio files) -
State Appellate Court Arguments Online (some in both audio and video formats) -
Oyez: Supreme Court Media (arguments and briefs online) -


A Study in Appellate Advocacy 
An examination of brief writing through a study of the briefs in the Texas v. Johnson   flag burning case (from Duke University School of Law)


Other Law Schools' Web Sites for Legal Writing 
"Legal writing professors are on the Web! Visit and learn from legal writing sites around the globe. In some instances, there are links for both the law school and for individual professors."