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University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law

The urban public law school with a small liberal arts feel

Missouri Bar Essay Exam Questions Located on Reserve in the Law Library

Table of Contents

Feb. 1991 Sample MBE

1992 MBE Questions

1995, 1997 - 2002, MEE Questions and Analyses

2002 MPRE Sample Questions VI

Feb. 1997, Test 1, MPT Alexander v. BTI and Bell

Feb. 1997, Test 2, MPT In re Hayworth and Wexler

July 1997, Test 1, MPT In re Kiddie-Gym Systems, Inc.

July 1997, Test 2, MPT State v. Devine

1997 Point Sheets, MPT

Feb. 1998, Test 1, MPT Piccolo v. Dobbs

July 1998 Point Sheets, MPT

1999 - 2001 MPTs and Point Sheets

Feb. 2002 MPTs and Point Sheets



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