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Legal Fraternities

Delta Theta Phi

Delta Theta Phi is the most active social law fraternity at UMKC. This chapter sponsors and promotes a schedule of social events that provide a release and diversion from the torments normally associated with the study of law. In the approaching school year, we hope to expand our interaction both within the Law School and within the Kansas City legal community.

The UMKC chapter of Delta Theta Phi boasts student and alumni members from around the greater Kansas City area. Our membership includes active attorneys, judges, members of the business community, and a broad section of law students. Through this membership, Delta Theta Phi can enhance your law school experience and facilitate your interaction with the Kansas City legal community.

Phi Alpha Delta

The Thomas Hart Benton Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity was organized at the old Kansas City Law School in 1907. It later merged with Phi Delta Delta, the legal fraternity for women, and became the leader in the involvement of women in professional law fraternities.

Membership in Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity not only offers social and professional commitment during law school, but also throughout an attorney’s professional career. Recognizing the importance of continuing legal education, the Thomas Hart Benton Chapter presents professional programs for members, alumni and members of the bar. They focus on issues confronting the practicing attorney. Through its professional programs and social activities, the men and women of Phi Alpha Delta have the opportunity to meet and develop friendships on a casual, more personal level, with members of the bench, bar and law school faculty.

Phi Delta Phi

Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity is represented at UMKC by Powell Inn, named in honor of Judge Elmer N. Powell, one of the founders of the Kansas City School of Law. Phi Delta Phi is one of the nation’s first professional fraternities. It has initiated more than 100,000 men and women, making it the largest legal fraternity. The objectives of the fraternity are: instilling a sense of the importance of adhering to high standards of professional ethics and integrity encouraging legal scholarship stimulating closer relations among jurists, practitioners, professors and students of law generating close friendships, both professional and personal and developing the service and leadership qualities a law graduate should bring to the bar.



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