FAQ's for Clients

Always wanted to start your own business?  

Thinking about starting a business?  Puzzled about what legal entity you should create for the business?  What tax treatment you should select?  What contracts are needed with subcontractors, customers, and suppliers?  Should you employ workers, or subcontract for their services?  What are the responsibilities of an employer to its employees?  What benefits should you provide to employees?  What should be protected by trademark, copyright, or patent registration?  If you want to start a business and have these questions or others, the UMKC ELS may be able to answer them. 

Who does the Clinic serve?
New and established entrepreneurs who need assistance with legal services but who cannot afford the market rate for those services.  Either MO. or KS. residents or businesses are considered for acceptance.

What services can the clinic provide?  

Under the faculty co-directors, the Clinic staff law students will provide the following services to qualified clients:

1.        assistance in making a choice of entity;

2.        entity creation by drafting articles of incorporation and organization, by-laws, and partnership and operating agreements;

3.        contract review and drafting, such as real estate contracts and leases, non-competition and employment contracts;

4.        advice and assistance concerning debt problems such as obtaining, reviewing, and correcting credit reports;

5.        review of lending contracts and advice about loans;

6.        tax advice, especially about the importance of faithful payment of payroll withholding trust amounts and the consequences of failure to pay them;

7.        advice concerning compliance with consumer, licensing, and regulatory rules;

8.         copyright and trademark creation (however, no patent services are available);

9.        if needed, the Clinic may consider legal representation before a regulatory agency or in court;

10.      incorporation, tax-exempt status [including 501(c) (3)] applications, and other services for some non-profit agencies.

How do I apply?  

Complete and return the attached application.

What will I pay for services at the Clinic?

There is no fee for services, however, all clients must pay the costs and expenses related to filing fees of various forms submitted to Missouri, Kansas and the Federal Government.

The Clinic is an educational program designed to give UMKC Law students practical business formation experience. Thus, not all cases can be accepted. We are happy to consider your request, however.

How do I qualify?

Cases are accepted according to financial need, educational value for our students, and availability of staff and students to perform services. Submit your completed application to be placed on our waiting list.

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