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The UMKC Entrepreneurial Legal Services Clinic (Entrepreneurial Law and Practice, Course #757R, 2 hours of graded credit) is a clinical program that assists new and existing businesses at times when they cannot afford to pay for the legal services they need. Students obtain hands-on experience, under the supervision of faculty who are licensed attorneys, with the development of a variety of practice skills, such as:

Formation of business entities: fact gathering by interviewing clients, documenting files, meeting deadlines, researching resolutions to “real-life” issues, analyzing complex tax and non-tax reasons for choice of entity, drafting advice letters and memos to clients, and preparing organizational documents for entity formation.
Contract review and drafting: preparing contracts for business transactions from “scratch”, using form contracts to tailor them to individual client needs, or reviewing forms presented to clients.
Business compliance with consumer, licensing, and regulatory rules.
Incorporation and tax-exempt status applications for non-profit agencies.

Enrollment is by selection. Permission to enroll must be obtained from Prof. Tony Luppino. Participating students should have taken Business Organizations and Federal Taxation before attempting to enroll in the Clinic.

Participation requires initially 8 hours of specially scheduled training sessions at the beginning of the semester, and about 80 hours on client casework. Attendance is required at client meetings and several class sessions (scheduled according to participants’ class schedules) for class discussion of cases or guest lectures on substantive law.

To apply ask Administrative Assistant Libby Johnson (Whittaker Suite) for an application, visit the clinic office at 4747 Troost, Room 213, or call Judith Sharp at 816-235-6140 (sharpju@umkc.edu).

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