Bibliographic Resources for Developing Your Law Library

  • Kendall F. Svengalis, Legal Information Buyers Guide and Reference Manual 2010 (Rhode Island Lawpress).  This is the "Bible" for helping law firms build their own libraries.  It comes out annually and is truly independent.  Call number is  KF1.L43 (On Reserve, ask for it at library circulation desk).    Current price is listed at $156.00 and $80.00 for a CD version.
Legual Information Buyers Guide
  • Law Book ExchangeLaw Book Exchange not only brokers rare books, but it also stocks a healthy collection of second hand publications.  It is particularly good source (even if the item is not currently in their stock) for large sets such as reporters, digests, encyclopedias, etc.
  • Legal Information Alert.   “The leading current awareness publication in the world of legal information” -- Svengalis.  Contains reviews of legal publications and information services.  Annual subscription is $184.  UMKC call no. is KF240.A15 L43 (usually the librarians have the most current issue). 
  • IndexMaster provides a searchable database of the indexes and tables of contents for current treatises and looseleafs of most legal publishers.  The service also has price and publisher information.  The database is linked to UMKC's Subscription Databases page, but it is only accessible for the public within the UMKC Law Building.  The previous annual subscript for a firm of less than 15 is $45.  See
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