Professor Levit
Spring 2013 

All of the page numbers in the left margin refer to the course textbook Dan Dobbs, Paul Hayden, and Ellen Bublick, Torts and Compensation (6th ed. 2009). The supplementary cases can be accessed by clicking on the links below.
No audio or video recording of this class is allowed, except by authorization under Section 240.040 of the Collected Rules and Regulations.
313 [Limiting or Expanding the Duty of Care]
396-98 [Relational Duties—Duties of Professionals: Medical Malpractice]
314-341 [Special or Limited Duties of Care: Carriers, Host Drivers & Landowners]
Nagaragadde v. Pandurangi
436-56 [Duties to Take Affirmative Action: Nonfeasance]
477-509 [Duties to Take Affirmative Action: The Duty to  Protect from Third Persons]

[Duties to Protect Against Certain Types of Harm: Mental & EmotionalHarms—Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress]


Jarrett v. Jones

Moot Court [Limited Duties to Protect Against Certain Types of  Harm: Prenatal Torts]
544-54 Harbeson v. Parke-Davis, Inc.; Miller v. Duhart; Quinn v. Blau
399-435 [Immunities: Family Members; Governmental Entities and Officers]
  Rodgers v. North Kansas City    
890-907 [Defamation]
  Chastain v. Kansas City Star
  Lent v. Huntoon (libel per se, libel per quod)
  Moldea v. New York Times Co. (facts, opinions, and literary criticism)
  Castle Rock Remodeling v. Better Business Bureau
  Jenoff v. Hearst (public official, public figure)
  Street v. NBC (public figure)
  Obsidian v. Cox
  Bindrim v. Mitchell (defamation in fiction)
  Mills v. Denny (privileges)

[Privacy: Public Disclosure of Private Facts; False Light; Interference with Family Relationships]

  Taylor v. K.T.V.B. (public disclosure of private facts)
  Cape Publications v. Bridges (public disclosure of private facts)
  Diaz v. Oakland Tribune, Inc. (public disclosure of private facts)
  Meyerkord v. Zipatoni. (false light)
  Lane v. Random House, Inc. (false light)
934-41 [Misappropriation of Commercial Value (Appropriation of Name or Likeness)]
  Fla. Stat. Ann. § 540.08
  White v. Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
reprise [Intrusive Invasions (Intrusion on Seclusion)]
  PETA v. Bobby Berosini, Ltd.
  Snyder v. Phelps
  [Panel of lawyers to discuss creating a tort practice, developing business, assessing whether to take a case, and bringing cases to trial]


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