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Monell v. Department of Social Services

Document Sources
Original Document Sources Determining Original Image Location
The documents in this web page were photographed from originals found in the private papers of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, located as follows: 

Justice Blackmun

The Harry A. Blackmun Papers,

Library of Congress,

Washington, DC

Finding Aid

Justice Brennan

The William J. Brennan, Jr. Papers,

Library of Congress,

Washington, DC

Finding Aid

Justice Marshall

The Thurgood Marshall Papers,

Library of Congress,

Washington, DC

Finding Aid

Justice Powell

The Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Papers,

Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Archive

Washington & Lee University

School of Law

Lexington, VA

Finding Aid

The unfailing courtesy and outstanding assistance of the Manuscript Reference Librarians at the Library of Congress, particularly Bruce Kirby, and of John Jacobs at the Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Archives are gratefully acknowledged.   Stephanie Outlaw and George Ngengwe provided outstanding research assistance in connection with this site.  LaDonna McCullough worked tirelessly to convert files into more readable form.  Finally, Sharon Kennedy took a week from her active law practice to help her alma mater and old professor in his research at the Library of Congress.  My sincere thanks to all of them.  Without their help, this website could not have been created.

The document files you view on this website are pdf versions of digital photographic copies of the original documents found in the sources described to the left.  The image storage system automatically assigned an image code to each image that indicated the collection, box, file and page at which it was found. 

For example, a memo given the original image number WJB437F60073 was found in the William J. Brennan Collection, in Box 437 File 6 and was the 73rd page in that file. (Note that the last four digits indicate the page number.  As a result, a number like LFP189F100002, indicates the second page of Box 189 File 10, not File 1.)


In the pdf document, the image number of the first page appears as part of the pdf file name.   (See red underlining below.)  If the document has more than one page, the image numbers of each page appear as bookmark names.  (See red arrow below.)