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Tax Practicum 2010    


Lawrence D. MacLachlan
Director of Research and Instruction Services

Topic: General Searching Web Sites, Tax Specific Web Sites and Electronic Resources

UMKC School of Law 

Law Library  Library Publications; tax related See also: Research Resources for Solo/Small Firms re: intellectual analysis

Library Information > MERLIN Catalog at 
          sample search All MERLIN key words < executive compensation > #15 ILL example

          About the Library 
          Library Hours and
          Inter Library Loan 

Student Information > LLM Tax Resources at:

Bar Exam information at 

Law School Calendar at 

Plagiarism Policy at 

Law Library – Subscription Databases: CCH, Congressional, RIA

Research Bookmarks at 

Federal Legislation: THOMAS – Library of Congress 

Main page:     current congress; bill text / sponsor

Left Panel:     Bills, resolutions and Congressional record: 1989 –
                     Committee Reports: 1995 –
                     Government resources, especially committee web pages;

Default is current Congress, also Search Multiple Congresses

Search 111th Bill Text <wall street>  #6 H.R. 4173 became PL 111-203
Bill Summary & Status H.R. 4173
       Conf. Rpt. 111-517
       Congressional Record citation for floor debate
       CRS Summary
       All Actions/Major Actions: With Links
                 Introduced in the House: Committee on Financial Services
                 Also to Senate Committee on Banking > S. Report

Back to main page of THOMAS > Government Resources > Senate/ House Committees

Law Library > Research Bookmarks and Folder #9 : Executive and Federal Agencies at 

Department of the Treasury at: Internal Search Box top right

Press Room link to subscribe to an e-mail subscription service for news and current events

Treasury Offices and Bureaus > Offices: Offices focus on policy development

Office of Domestic Finance at 
          Includes Key Initiatives and note links including Resources

Office of Economic Policy at: 
         Economic Policy Research Paper Series at 
         Testimony and Reports at 

Office of Tax Policy at: Note RESOURCE links to:
         US Congress Joint Committee on Taxation at : 
         US House Committee on Ways and Means at : (see Hearings and Testimony)
         US Senate Committee on Finance at : (see Hearings)
         Office of Management and Budget at: 
                  The Legislative Information link within the OMB site contains Statements of the
                  Administration’s Policy on Appropriations Bills at:
                 Testimony at : 
                 And Reports to Congress at: 

Back to the Treasury Main Page at:  then to Bureaus at:  and to the IRS at 
         Bureaus focus on implementation

Review Content of the IRS website include Keyword search option.

Under Businesses  topics include:
         Coordinated Issue Papers:,,id=96445,00.html
         Tax Code & Regulations :,,id=98137,00.html  

Under Tax Professionals at:  
         Topics & Resources in left frame which includes Basic Tools for Tax Pros > Reference
         Materials: IRS Bulletins, IRS Manual; Code, Regs & Guidances;

         IRS Resources: (left side panel) Forms and Publications

Forms and Publications include:
         Forms and Instructions:
         Pubs and Notices: 

Back to the Law School Research Bookmarks folder #12 Missouri is the State of Missouri
         website at: 

Under My Government is a link to elected officials and specifically the Missouri House and Senate websites;
         or go directly to the General Assembly  which links to the Revised Statutes of Missouri at:  of which Title X addresses Taxation and
         Revenue at: 

Also under My Government are links to state agencies including the Department of Revenue at:  which has tax material at
         Tax Forms: Search by known number or category
         Personal Tax: Search or select by Right Frame
         Business Tax: New Business, Established Business, Right Frame Options
         Tax Professionals: Off of the Business Tax right frame:
         Electronic Filing: 

Other business organization and tax related forms may be found at the website of the
         Missouri Secretary of State at: 

Under the link for Businesses: General Services & Filing – Downloadable Forms 

Lexis - Areas of Law – Tax – Also Transactional Advisor
         See Also      Research Tasks – Tax Analysts Tax Notes, Tax Notes Pending Legislation
                            Other Tax Topics – 26 USC; Administrative Materials, Treatises
         Cheryl Clark contact information for further training: 

Westlaw – Tabs - Directory – Topical – Tax
         See   Cases and IRS releases;   RIA incl. ToC ;   WGL treatises
         Marie Robb contact information for further training: 

Westlaw Legislative History tab flow chart