Summer Academic Enrichment Program

The Summer Academic Enrichment program is an intensive introduction to law school. It is open to all students, but space is extremely limited. The program initially targets those students who are expected to benefit most from this orientation, and additional students are admitted as space allows. The program is taught by faculty members, and involves full-day reading, writing, and analysis in legal topics, individually and in class sessions.

Students meet approximately eight hours a day for the five weekdays preceding Law School Orientation. Each day focuses on a stage of law school learning: orientation, preparing for class, class, after-class review, and preparing for and taking exams. The skills of reading, writing and thinking at each of these stages are addressed through simulated classes, direct teaching of study skills, written and oral exercises, and individual meetings with students.

The Program uses materials that include simulated class assignments (cases, statutes, etc.); materials on study techniques; and sample briefs, outlines, and examinations. At the conclusion of the five-day program, students take exams in two subject matters, which are reviewed by the Program faculty. Students then have an opportunity to meet individually with the faculty members to review their exams, discuss their progress, identify strengths and weaknesses and develop a personal learning plan.

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