Structured Study Groups and Comprehensive Study Groups

The Structured Study Groups and Comprehensive Study Groups each meet once per week and are led by second- and third-year law students. The first-year class is divided into Sections A, B, and C; and each section has two weekly Structured Study Groups and two weekly Academic Enrichment Workshops from which students can choose. Students normally choose to participate in one of the structured study groups or one of the comprehensive study groups; in that way, all first-year students can participate in a study group and still receive the benefits of small-group collaborative learning.

Each Structured Study Group is designed around a particular course, and the upper-level group leader actually attends the course with the first-year students, keeping up with all of the readings. The study group then focuses on implementing effective class preparation, test preparation, and other strategies in the context of that particular course.

The Comprehensive Study Groups, on the other hand, focus on implementing those skills in the context of all the doctrinal classes students take in their first year. The study group leaders focus on particular classes at different times during the year, as they and their study group members deem appropriate.

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