Lecture Series

The Enrichment Lecture Series is open to all first-year students and provides direct instruction in law school learning strategies. Topics include, among other things, instruction in effective reading of case materials, mastering practical and efficient methods of after-class review, creating course summaries, developing analytical flow charts, and preparing for law school examinations. The goal of the series is to unmask effective strategies for learning the law and for performing well on law school assessments.

A,B,C's and D's of Exams  - Dean Suni - November 28, 2011 .wmv  samples(pdf)   chart(pdf)
Gathering Points on Exams  - Prof. Weddle - October 6, 2011 video
Grammar: Errors You Cannot Afford to Make Part One  - Prof. Weddle - October 2011 video
Outlines 101: Bringing Order Out of Chaos - Prof. Weddle - 9/22/2011 .wmv
How to Make a Flow Chart  .pps

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