Coverage Overview

Background Issues

Sentencing Considerations and Systems

Purposes of Punishment

Limitations on Criminal Punishment

The Interpretation of Criminal Statutes

General Principles of Interpretation

Introduction to Criminal Lawyering

Elements of Just Punishment

Common Law

Actus Reus (including Omissions)

Mens Rea

Strict Liability v. Implied Mens Rea

To What Elements Does a State of Mind Extend?

The Hierarchy of States of Mind


Model Penal Code

Default Rules of Construction

Mistake Under the M.P.C.


Rape and Related Defenses

Rapier Problem: Interpretation of the Elements of Rape - MO

Rapier Problem: Interpretation of the Elements of Rape - KS


Legislative Drafting

Homicide and Related Defenses

Introduction to Homicide



Defenses - Self-Defense, Defense of Third Persons, Law Enforcement Defense

Voluntary Manslaughter - Provocation

Felony Murder and Misdemeanor Manslaughter

Accomplice Liability in Felony Murder

Risk Creation Homicide

Overview of Other Criminal Law Issues

Common Law Crimes

Liability for the Acts of Others


Inchoate Crimes


    The final will cover material from the whole semester