Sentencing Problem Instructions

Your role for the Sentencing Problem assignment is based on the first letter of your last name, as follows:

A-E       Attorney for Defendant Lucas
F- K      Attorney for Defendant Tolbert
L-P        Prosecutor for both defendants
R-Z        Judge 

Attorneys for Lucas and Tolbert should prepare a sentence recommendation and a justification for that recommendation.

Prosecutors should prepare a sentence recommendation and justification for both defendants

Judges should select a sentence for each defendant and prepare a brief justification

Some students will be called on to present their recommendations and justifications to the "court." All students will have an opportunity to provide input (on behalf of the party they represent) at the sentencing hearing. Students (other than judges) should be prepared to represent their "client" in role (as an advocate).

In thinking about your proposed sentence and justification therefore, consider what purposes of punishment are served by your recommendation. Although you need not explicitly justify your sentence on that basis, you should be prepared to defend it with regard to the purposes of punishment discussed in the readings.

It is recommended that you write your recommended sentence and that you write or outline your arguments in justification. Judges must have a written sentence recommendation.

You may discuss your recommendations and justifications with other students. 

The materials for completing this assignment are located here.