Multiple Choice Exam Instructions - Winter 2008


The following are the rules relating to the in-school portion of the final exam:


The exam will be given from 8:00 8:45 a.m. on Wednesday, March 12th in rooms 03 and 04.  You will need to sit every other seat.


The exam consists of 15 multiple-choice questions.  All questions will count equally. The entire exam will count for approximately 20-25% of the final exam grade. Answers must be recorded on a computer answer sheet.  Serious concerns about up to two questions may be noted on the question sheet (which must be returned).


This is a CLOSED BOOK exam. You may not use any materials on the exam.


It is an honor code violation to use any materials during this exam or to reveal at any time any information about this exam (the multiple choice portion) to any student other than a student in this course this semester who has already taken the exam.


When you are done or when time is called (whichever is earlier), turn in this question sheet and your answer sheet to the proctor.



Take-home Exam Rules - Winter 2008


The following are the rules relating to the take home exam.  Any questions about interpretation should be addressed to me.  If, however, the question could in any manner impair anonymity, it should be given to Adela Fleming in the Administrative Suite.  You can obtain the response from Adela.


1.      The exam will be available beginning 3 p.m. on March 12th.  It can be picked up from the reception desk in the Administrative Suite any day between Wednesday, March 12th and Friday, March 28th.  It may be picked up during normal business hours.  If you need alternative arrangements, contact Adela Fleming.


2.      You must sign out the exam and indicate the date and time when you do so.  You must sign in the exam within 72 hours of picking it up.  You can work on it as long as you like during this period, but it is intended to take no more than eight hours to complete. I will assess penalties for late return.  The latest the exam can be returned is 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 31st. 


3.      Once you have picked up the exam, you may not discuss it in any way with anyone until Tuesday, April 1st.


4.      In working on the exam, you may use only those materials you have used to study for the exam.  This is not a research project, and you are not to consult library materials other than those you have used in preparing prior to receiving the test, nor are you to use computer research services or the Internet.


5.      You may (but are not required to) use a word processor or computer in preparing your answer.  Do not use a font smaller than 11 pt. or larger than 12 pt.  Double space your answer.


6.      Your answer must be no longer than 4200 words. This requirement must be met with a word count, which can be done on your word processor or by hand.  If you use the by hand method, you may count representative pages and multiply. You must fill out and submit a Declaration of Compliance with your exam and answer indicating how you comply with the rules.  If you use the by hand method (which should only be the case if you cannot get a computer word count), you must designate the method by which you calculated your word count.  I will penalize papers that exceed these requirements or that in my judgment reflect an attempt to evade the spirit of these rules.  I will not grade any portion of the exam that exceeds the permitted length. 


You NEED NOT worry about margins, fonts, etc. on the exam as long as it complies with 5 above and is easily readable.


7.      Number the pages of your answer, preferably indicating 1 of 10, 2 of 10, etc.  Make sure your exam number is on all pages of your answer.  You can do this using headers or footers if you choose.


8.      Violation of the rules regarding consultation with others or with outside materials and significant deviation from the rules regarding check-out time and length limitations will be considered honor code violations.  In addition, violation of rules regarding consultation, length or lateness will lead to assessment of penalties in grading.  Any other failure to follow instructions may lead to grade assessment.


9.      If any problems arise during this exam, call or e-mail Adela Fleming (235-1654).  For purposes of anonymity, do not contact me.  I cannot make exceptions or give extensions.