MPRE Subject Matter Outline (Annotated)


The following subject matter outline indicates the examination's scope of coverage and the approximate percentage of items that are included in each major area. The outline is not intended to list every aspect of a topic mentioned. Although the test items for each MPRE are developed from these categories, each topic is not necessarily tested on each examination.


I.                        Regulation of the Legal Profession (8-12%)

A.                  Inherent Powers of Courts to Regulate Lawyers

B.                 Admission to the Profession 8.1

C.                 Regulation After Admission 8.4

D.                 Maintaining Professional Standards--Peer Responsibility 8.3, 5.1-5.3

E.                 Unauthorized Practice 5.5

F.                  Fee Division with a Non-Lawyer 5.4

G.                 The Law Firm 5.1, 5.3, 5.4

H.                 Contractual Restrictions on Practice 5.6 

II.                        The Client-Lawyer Relationship (10-14%)


A.                  Acceptance or Rejection of Clients 1.16, 6.2

B.                 Scope, Objective, and Means of the Representation 1.2 (a)14

C.                 Within the Bounds of the Law 1.2(d)

D.                 Withdrawal 1.16

E.                 Client-Lawyer Contracts

F.                  Fees 1.5

III.                        Privilege and Confidentiality--Clients and Former Clients (6-10%)

A.                  Evidentiary Privilege

B.                 Professional Obligation of Confidence 1.6

C.                 Client-Authorized Disclosure 1.6(a)

D.                 Permissible Disclosure 1.6(b)

E.                 Special Problems 4.4

IV.                        Independent Professional Judgment--Conflicts of Interest--Client Consent (12-16%)  .                     

A.                  As Affected by Lawyer's Personal Interest 1.7, 1.8

B.                 Lawyer as Witness 3.7

C.                 Acquiring an Interest in Litigation 1.8(i)

D.                 Entering into Business Transactions with Client 1.8(a)

E.                 Conflicting Interests--Current Clients and Former Clients 1.7, 1.9, 1.11

F.                  Influence by Persons Other than Client 1.8(f), 5.4(c)

G.                 Law Firm, Associates, and Related Persons 1.10

H.                 Lawyer's Service as Arbitrator, Mediator, or Judge 1.12


V.                        Competence, Legal Malpractice, and Other Civil Liability (8-12%)  .                     

A.                  Civil Liability, Including Malpractice

B.                 Maintaining Competence 1.1

C.                 Acceptance of Employment 1.16

D.                 Exercise of Diligence and Care 1.1, 1.3

E.                 Limiting Liability for Malpractice 1.8(h)

VI.                        Litigation and Other Forms of Advocacy (12-16%)

A.                  Exercise of Professional Judgment

B.                 Civility, Courtesy, and Decorum 3.4, 3.5, 4.4

C.                 Conduct in the Course of Litigation--Claims, Defenses, Testimony, and Evidence

D.                 Fraud or Perjury 3.1-3.4

E.                 Communications in Course of Representation 3.6, 4.1-4.3

VII.                        Different Roles of the Lawyer (4-8%)  .                     

A.                  Lawyer as Advisor 2.1

B.                 Lawyer as Evaluator 2.3

C.                 Lawyer as Negotiator 4.1

D.                 Lawyer as Mediator 2.4 (3rd party neutral)

E.                 Special Obligations of the Lawyer in Public Service 3.8

F.                  Appearances before Legislative Bodies 3.9

VIII.                        Safekeeping Property and Funds of Clients and Others (4-8%)

A.                  Lawyer as Trustee of Client Funds 1.15

B.                 Lawyer as Custodian of Client Property 1.15

C.                 Disputed Claims 1.15(e)

IX.                        Communication About Legal Services (6-10%)           

A.                  Public Communications About Services 7.1, 7.2

B.                 Referrals 7.2(b)(4)

C.                 Group Legal Services 7.3(d)

D.                 Direct Contact With Prospective Clients (Solicitation) 7.3

E.                 Fields of Practice--Limitations of Practice and Specialization 7.4, 7.5 

X.                        Lawyers and the Legal System (2-6%)  .                     

A.                  Lawyer Activity in Improving the Legal System 6.3, 6.4

B.                 Impropriety Incident to Public Service 6.4, 7.6

 XI.                        Judicial Ethics (6-10%)                  

A.                  Uphold the Integrity and Independence of the Judiciary   Canon 1

B.                 Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety  Canon 2

C.                 Duties of Impartiality and Diligence  Canon 3

D.                 Activities to Improve the Legal System  Canon 4

E.                 Extra-Judicial Activities  Canon 4A

F.                  Political Activity of Judges  Canon 5

G.                 Candidate for Judicial Office  Canon 5