Discussion Materials – Admission to Practice

Problem 1:  You are a law clerk to a judge of the Missouri Supreme Court.  The judge asked you to look at the newly adopted alternative bar admission program in New Hampshire (http://www.piercelaw.edu/websterscholar/) and to advise whether you think something like it might work in Missouri.  Be prepared to give the judge your advice.   Row 9R

Problem 2: You are a member of the Board of Law Examiners, which is responsible for making recommendations to the Supreme Court regarding the character and fitness of applicants for admission to the state bar.  Amy Applicant has applied for admission.  Her character and fitness application was approved by the Board when she applied for Law Student Registration, since there was nothing in her background that raised any concerns.  However, the Board just received a report from the Dean of Amy’s law school regarding a recent Honor Code proceeding.  After a full hearing, Amy was found guilty of plagiarism on her senior research and writing project.  It appears that she was under a lot of pressure to get the paper done after spending more time than anticipated as a member of the School’s trial team.  She downloaded several articles without clearly indicating the sources, and, as the deadline loomed, she cut and pasted from the articles without attribution.  Although at first she claimed the work was her own, when the similarities were pointed out, she admitted she had been careless in keeping track of her materials and she realized she was cutting corners that she should not have cut.  The plagiarized material constitutes about 25% of the paper.  Amy will not receive any credit for her research and writing and will be required to prepare a new paper.  This will delay her graduation until the summer.  She received a written reprimand from the Honor Court.


What action should the Board take on Amy’s application? Row 9L



Problem 3:  Lane Hill has applied for admission to the state Bar.  Lane is an outspoken white supremacist who maintains a website that contains disparaging statements about members of other races.  He speaks frequently at rallies and events and urges African  Americans and Hispanics to return to their home countries.  There is no evidence that he has ever engaged in violence or incitement of violence against members of other races.  He does, however, refuse to associate with persons of other races unless absolutely necessary.


You are an assistant to a member of the Board of Law Examiners.  She has asked for your assistance with Lane’s application.  The Board will be conducting an interview with Lane shortly.  Please suggest questions that the Board members should ask Lane.  Be prepared to explain why they would be helpful and appropriate.  Row 8


In responding, please consider the following:  In the Matter of Matthew Hale