Appellate Advocacy II


The following penalty points will apply to any late Points submitted:

Deduction will be made from the Participantís total overall score as follows:

If submitted up to Ĺ hour late (through 12:30 on due date), 5 points will be deducted

If submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the due date, a total of 15 points will be deducted

If submitted by noon the next day, a total of 30 points will be deducted

If submitted after noon on the next day and within the next 24 hour period (by noon of second day), a total of 50 points will be deducted

Any later submission receives a failing grade for the course

Remember that although only the first set of Points you submit are graded, penalties will be assessed for Points submitted late in either round (or in both rounds if Points are submitted late in both).

Penalties are deducted off your total score (you receive the total penalty, not 25% of it).

If your Points are late and you believe there is a legitimate reason to justify not assessing lateness points, you must submit your explanation in writing within 48 hours of submission of your Points to the Dean Suni. Your request for relief will be considered by Dean Suni and, if appropriate, by the Board and you will be notified of the result. Relief will only be granted in extreme cases beyond the control of the student. Generally, computer, printer, copying, or foreseeable transportation problems will not be considered valid excuses.