Note: This is just a list of partner pairings and side assignments for the first round. It does not reflect which appellants will be arguing against which respondents. That will be posted later.




Stephanie Sullivant and Scott Bensyl


Zach Rozier and Michael Rahmberg


Melissa Buchanan and James Ryan


Matt McCoy and Michael Phillips


Meghan Woerther and Brett Simon


Nick Draper and Mohammed Abdelaziz


Trecia Moore and Jilian Yakominich


Kenisha Sanderson and Tamika Logan


Charles Flanders and Mahdi Abdelaziz


William Absher and Casey Crawford


Justin Crozier and Seth Slayden


Joshua Becker and William Jobe


Ashley Ruh and Lauren Wagner


Alexandra Aplough and Mark Parachini


Nadia Adam and Zachary Cloutier


Natasha Bullard and Andrea Young


Amber Simon and Lori Battern


Megan Graves and Kenneth Merrill


Nathaniel Dobbs and Jerry McAndrews 


Christopher Graham and Matt Colmenero