While Judge Smith does not like subpoints, sometimes, they are very helpful (especially where you have one action of the judge that is urged to be wrong for multiple related reasons). The following three samples show how that type of argument can be made with or without subpoints and are good examples of well done points where the issue is primarily legal.

Sample Respondent's Points Relied On (With separate Points rather than sub-points)

Sample Respondent's Points Relied On (With sub-points)

Sample Appellant's Points Relied On (With Sub-Points)

The following Points were submitted by App. Ad. II students and scored well from the Points graders (although if you tried you could improve them).  You can see the way the Cover Sheet, Point and Summary are put together. Be careful to follow the rule on authorities (not everything here is in full compliance).  Also watch typos.

Sample Points (Conus 4)

Sample Points (Conus 6)