Manuscript Submission

The Urban Lawyer welcomes submission of original articles, comments, book reviews, and contributions of recent cases and statutes.  Submit a double-spaced manuscript in duplicate (one original and one copy) and, if possible, a 3.5" diskette with the work in an IBM-compatible word processing format.  The Urban Lawyer strongly prefers Word 97 or later versions of the Word word processing program.  Electronic submissions as an e-mail attachment are welcome.  Manuscripts should follow the stylistic guidelines set forth in the The Chicago Manual of Style (14th edition) published by the University of Chicago Press.  Footnotes to the material should conform to the most recent edition of A Uniform System of Citation published by the Harvard Law Review Association (The Bluebook). 

Manuscripts are submitted at the sender's risk and no responsibility is assumed for the return of the material.  Material accepted for publication becomes property of the Section of State and Local Government Law of the American Bar Association.  No compensation is paid for articles published. 

Correspondence, manuscripts, and book reviews should be sent to the Editor, Professor Julie Cheslik, The Urban Lawyer, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, 500 E. 52nd Street, Kansas City, MO 64110, or by e-mail to


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