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          Coverage:  This page links you to the digital archive of all the available papers of Supreme Court Justices dealing with Allen v. McCurry Currently, Allen papers are available for Justices Blackmun, Brennan, Marshall, Powell, Stewart, and White.   The digital archive presents the papers just as you would find them in the archives where the originals are stored.   


          Alternative Ways to View the Justices' Papers:  Many researchers may prefer to view the papers in chronological (rather than archival) order.  To do so, you should click here to go to the Timeline Page


          Examples of Digital Box and FileIn the Brennan page of the digital archives, Box 535 File 2 appears as shown below.  At the Library of Congress, Box 535, File 2 of the William J. Brennan Jr. Papers contains fourteen documents totaling 105 pages.  The digital "file" contains the same documents in the order that you would find them if you examined the originals in the Archives. For example, the first document (the first printed draft of Justice Stewart's majority opinion) can be accessed by clicking on the "Begins" image number (WJB535F020041).


Box 535 File 2
Brief Description Date Begins Ends
PS Opinion 1st Draft 11/4/1980 WJB535F020041 WJB535F020054
Memo HAB to PS 11/4/1980 WJB535F020055  
PS Opinion 2nd Draft 11/6/1980 WJB535F020056 WJB535F020069
Memo TM to PS 11/6/1980 WJB535F020070  
Memo WHR to PS 11/6/1980 WJB535F020071  
Memo JPS to PS 11/6/1980 WJB535F020072  
Memo BRW to PS  11/6/1980 WJB535F020073  
Memo LFP to PS 11/17/1980 WJB535F020074  
Memo WEB to PS 11/21/1980 WJB535F020075  
Memo WJB to HAB 11/26/1980 WJB535F020076  
HAB Dissent 2nd Draft 12/1/1980 WJB535F020077 WJB535F020088
Memo TM to HAB 12/1/1980 WJB535F020089  
Memo WJB to HAB 12/1/1980 WJB535F020090  
PS Opinion 4th Draft 12/3/1980 WJB535F020091 WJB535F020105



While the justices have files dedicated to particular cases, they also have files where they kept particular types of document for all the cases decided in a particular term.  For example, Justice Stewart maintained "Docket Files" which contained his hand-written notes on certiorari and merits conferences, i.e., the meetings during which the Court discussed and voted on each case.  Since each of these files contained notes on various cases, the digital version of the file only includes the documents related to Allen.  For example, the digital "Docket File" below (Box 447 File 5569) contains Stewart's notes only on the certiorari conference (February 15, 1980) and merits conference (October 10, 1980) at which Allen was discussed.


Box 447 File 5569
Brief Description Date Begins Ends
Docket Sheet (vote record) cert 2/15/1980 PS447F55690582  
PS Conference Notes 10/10/1980 PS447F55690583  




          Abbreviations:  I have abbreviated the names of the justices, their clerks, and a few other persons.    A key to all abbreviations that can be accessed by clicking the abbreviations button in the yellow navigation area.      


          Higher Resolution Copies:  Most of the documents are presented in comparatively small pdf files which should be adequate for most uses.  Please let me know if you think that any particular image needs to be replaced with a higher resolution version.  I will also be happy to send higher resolution copies (or original JPEGs) of any images to anyone who needs them.  For further information about how the documents were photographed, edited and converted to pdf files, click here to go to the Image Creation and Conversion Protocol Page


          Sources and Citation:  For an explanation of how to determine the original archive location of any document, click here to go to the Document Source Page.