Homicide Statutes

510 Murder

Murder is the unlawful killing of another with malice.

512 Murder in the First Degree

Murder is murder in the first degree if committed with premeditation and deliberation, or with atrocity and cruelty, or if the actor is engaged in the preparation for, commission of, or flight from, a felony.

515 Murder in the Second Degree

All other murder is murder in the second degree.

520 Manslaughter

Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice.

522 Voluntary Manslaughter

Voluntary manslaughter is a killing upon sudden quarrel or heat of passion.

525 Involuntary Manslaughter

Involuntary manslaughter is the killing of another by the commission of an unlawful act not a felony or a lawful act in a grossly negligent manner.