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Thinking About Legal Research Problems

By Paul D. Callister, JD, MSLIS

Library Director & Associate Professor of Law

Find out everything you can about the research problem.Determine whether primary, secondary or combined sources are most appropriate.For primary materials, determine the kind of law, jurisdiction and appropriate arrangement.Putting all of the factors together to find a relevant document.How to be thorough after you have found a relevant document.

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News Search News You are searching for news stories.  I need accounts of the law suit in France by Jewish groups against Yahoo. 

Subscription Databases


UMKC Law Library Subscription Databases Page

Newsbank (Missouri)

New York Times

UM Databases (Alphabetical)

African American Newspapers--Nineteenth Century Part I

Book Review Digest--Covers 1983 to present

eLibrary--newspapers, magazines and news wires

MAS-Ultra--newspapers and magazines covering current events

Newsbank (many newspapers)

New York Times

Pensylvania Gazette (1728-1750)


Research on the Web


Legal News 

CNN Legal Center http://www.cnn.com/LAW/ CNN's legal news site.

FindLaw L. News & Commentary http://news.findlaw.com/ Excellent site for current legal developments.  Owned by West Publishing but free.

Jurist Legal News Topics http://jurist.law.pitt.edu/ Maintained by University of Pittsburg School of Law.  Site is directed toward faculty.  Both U.S. and international versions.

Jurist Supreme Ct. News http://jurist.law.pitt.edu/currentawareness/ussupremes.php Focus is on supreme court.

LexisOne Headline News http://www.lexisone.com/news/index.html Free headline news from LexisOne.

MagPortal.com http://www.magportal.com/c/soc/law/ Portal site which searches out legal news on the Web.

National LawJournal http://www.law.com/jsp/nlj/index.jsp Some content is free.

USA Today: Washington Digest http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/digest.htm Digest of news in Washington, D.C.

Law Blogs

BLawG http://www.blawg.org/ Guide to legal blogs.

Law Professor Blogs http://www.lawprofessorblogs.com/ Web blogs hosted by law professors and Westlaw.

List Serves for Academics and Legal Professionals http://www1.law.umkc.edu/library/listservs.htm UMKC Law School's links to list serve directories.


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