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Class Problems

Use Svengalis,Legal Information Buyer's Guide (on reserve, KF1.L43), Indexmaster (see, Lawbook Exchange (, online library catalogs, and publisher websites (see for the following problems:


  1. Complete the worksheet for "Building a Library" with the table linked at for both general Missouri and one area of specialty of your choosing.
  2. You are opening a new firm in Missouri, practicing both general Missouri law and one area of your choosing (from no. 1 above).  You have $10,000 to spend on information resources.  What would you purchase to address both Missouri law and your chosen area of law?  For your answer, include the title, price of purchase or license (this is part of your $10,000), cost of updates (use this year's information on updates, but do not deduct from your $10,000), and an explanation on why you picked this item and how you will use it.  For this assignment, include both print and electronic resources.  You may use the resources from no. 1 above, but you probably will not be able to purchase all of them.

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