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Monell Home
Marshall Files
White Files
Monell v. Department of Social Services
The Marshall Files
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Box 195 File 10
Brief Description Date Begins Ends
Memo PLS to TM 9/21/1977 TM195F100001 TM195F100005
Memo PLS to TM 11/3/1977 TM195F100006 TM195F100007
Box 200 File 10
Brief Description Date Begins Ends
Memo WEB to WHR 5/31/1978 TM200F100001  
Memo LFP to Conference 5/24/1978 TM200F100002 TM200F100005
WHR Dissent 3rd Draft  5/23/1978 TM200F100006 TM200F100016
LFP Concurrence 2d Draft  5/25/1978 TM200F100017 TM200F100026
WJB Opinion 4th Draft  5/18/1978 TM200F100027 TM200F100070
Box 200 File 11
Brief Description Date Begins Ends
Memo HAB to Conference  3/6/1978 TM200F110001  
Memo HAB to WJB 4/27/1978 TM200F110002  
Memo WEB to WJB 11/12/1977 TM200F110003  
Memo LFP to Conference 2/23/1978 TM200F110004 TM200F110013
Memo WJB to LFP 2/23/1978 TM200F110014 TM200F110015
Memo JPS to Conference 2/23/1978 TM200F110016  
Memo BRW to WJB 2/25/1978 TM200F110017  
Memo WHR to Conference 3/6/1978 TM200F110018 TM200F110029
Memo TM to WJB 4/5/1978 TM200F110030  
Memo JPS to WJB 4/10/1978 TM200F110031  
Memo WJB to JPS 4/10/1978 TM200F110032  
Memo LFP to WJB 4/11/1978 TM200F110033 TM200F110035
Memo JPS to WJB 4/12/1978 TM200F110036  
Memo BRW to WJB 4/12/1978 TM200F110037 TM200F110039
Memo WJB to BRW, LFP, JPS 4/13/1978 TM200F110040  
WHR Dissent 1st Draft 4/14/1978 TM200F110041 TM200F110050
Memo WJB to Conference 4/21/1978 TM200F110051  
WJB Opinion 2d Draft 4/21/1978 TM200F110052 TM200F110094
Memo PS to WJB 4/24/1978 TM200F110095  
Memo WJB to PS 4/25/1978 TM200F110096 TM200F110099
WHR Dissent 2d Draft 4/26/1978 TM200F110100 TM200F110109
Memo PS to WJB 4/26/1978 TM200F110110 TM200F110111
Memo JPS to WJB 4/26/1978 TM200F110112  
JPS Concurrence 1st draft 4/27/1978 TM200F110113  
Memo BRW to WJB 4/29/1978 TM200F110114  
Memo LFP to WJB 5/1/1978 TM200F110115 TM200F110117
Memo WJB to LFP 5/2/1978 TM200F110118 TM200F110119
Memo WJB to Conference  5/4/1978 TM200F110120  
WJB Opinion 3d Draft 5/4/1978 TM200F110121 TM200F110164
Memo LFP to WJB 5/5/1978 TM200F110165  
LFP Concurrence 1st Draft 5/17/1978 TM200F110166 TM200F110174
Memo HAB to WJB 5/17/1978 TM200F110175  
Memo PS to WJB 5/15/1978 TM200F110176  
Memo BRW to WJB 5/8/1978 TM200F110177  
Memo TM to WJB 5/5/1978 TM200F110178  
Copied Pages from Monroe Briefs no date TM200F110179 TM200F110184
Box 200 File 12
Brief Description Date Begins Ends
WJB Opinion 1st Draft 4/4/1978 TM200F120001 TM200F120041
Memo WEB to WHR 3/13/1978 TM200F120042  
Memo WEB to Conference 2/23/1978 TM200F120043  
Memo PS to WEB 2/23/1978 TM200F120044  
Memo WEB to WHR 2/13/1978 TM200F120045  
Memo WJB to WEB 11/14/1977 TM200F120046  
Memo LFP to WEB 11/11/1977 TM200F120047  
Memo WEB to LFP 11/11/1977 TM200F120048  
WJB Memorandum 1st Circulated Draft  1/30/1978 TM200F120049 TM200F120100
WHR Memorandum 2d Draft 1/31/1978 TM200F120101 TM200F120123