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Paul D. Callister, JD MSLIS
Library Director and Associate Professor of Law

Class Problem

What kind of business is law?  What is our principle asset?

Sauls Model

Information Economics

  • 80/20 Rule--Twenty percent of your information resources should satisfy 80% of your information needs.

  • Inflation of print legal materials

    Titles   Total Price   Average Price % Change Price Index
1998 914 $350,689.56 $383.69    100
1999 914 $387,035.33 $423.45 10.36% 110.36
2000 914 $408,830.39 $447.30 5.63% 116.58
2001 914 $469,972.26 $514.19 14.96% 134.01
2002 914 $513,874.35 $562.23 9.34% 146.53
2003 914 $532,853.61 $582.99 3.69% 151.94
2004 914 $565,473.11 $618.68 6.12% 161.25
Source:  AALL, Price Index for Legal Publications 2d (2005)


  • Market Concentration

  • Internet Traffic


Information Partnering

Alternatives to Lexis and Westlaw

Kendall F. Svengalis, Legal Information Buyers Guide and Reference Manual 2010 (Rhode Island Lawpress).  This is the "Bible" for helping law firms build their own libraries.  It comes out annually and is truly independent.  Call number is  KF1.L43 (On Reserve, ask for it at library circulation desk).

Information and Bibliographic Resources

Print v. Electronic

  • Intermediated v. Disintermediated

  • De-contextualization

  • Information Technology Stability, Obsolescence, Migration & Preservation

  • Generational Issues

  • Globalization and Scale Problems

  • Problem Typing and Research Tools

  • Research Cycle

  • Fee Structure and Recouping  Your Costs

  • Licensed v. Owned

Licensing Information & Copyright

Download licensing practices ppt.

Law Firm Technology

  • ABA Legal Technology Resource Center.  Downloadable reports and information on resources, events, and trends.  See also the ABA Standing Committee on Technology and Information Systems (SCOTIS).

  • ABA Technology Show.  The biggest conference on the issue.

  • Law Office Computing.  Bimonthly trade magazine which reviews legal technology.  Subscription includes password to website and searchable index.  UMKC library call no:  K12.A947.  Annual subscription list price is $69.

  • Law Technology News.  The favorite of UMKC's Director of Electronic Services.  Sign up for free publication with website.

  • Legal Information Alert.   “The leading current awareness publication in the world of legal information” -- Svengalis.  Contains reviews of legal publications and information services.  Annual subscription is $184.  UMKC call no. is KF240.A15 L43 (usually the librarians have the most current issue). 

  • TechnoLawyer.  Website and blog service.  Free but registration required.



Work Flow and Office Management


Record Retention & Disaster Planning

  • Access v. Preservation

  • Security

  • Backup and Disaster Planning

  • Resources

American Micro Co.  Located here in Kansas City.  Complete solutions from microfilming, offsite storage, digitization, and litigation support.  Also supply equipment.

EDCO.  Located here in Southwest Missouri.  Complete solutions from microfilming, offsite storage, digitization, and litigation support.  Also supply equipment.

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