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McDonald v. City of West Branch
The Brennan Files
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Box 651 File 6
Brief Description Date Begins Ends
WJB Notes for Conference 02-28-84 WJB651F60001 WJB651F60002
WJB Opinion 1st Draft 03-29-84 WJB651F60003 WJB651F60010
Memo JPS to WJB 03-29-84 WJB651F60011  
Memo LFP to WJB 03-29-84 WJB651F60012  
Memo SDO to WJB 03-29-84 WJB651F60013  
Memo WHR to WJB 03-29-84 WJB651F60014  
Memo WEB to WJB 03-30-84 WJB651F60015  
Memo TM to WJB 03-30-84 WJB651F60016  
Memo HAB to WJB 03-30-84 WJB651F60017  
Memo BRW to WJB 03-30-84 WJB651F60018  
Draft of WJB Syllabus 04-03-84 WJB651F60019 WJB651F60020
Draft of WJB Syllabus 04-16-84 WJB651F60021 WJB651F60022
Box 627 File Number Unknown
Brief Description Date Begins Ends
WJB Docket Various  WJB627Fxx0001 WJB627Fxx0002
WJB Conference notes 02-29-84 WJB627Fxx0003 WJB627Fxx0004
Box 623 File 3
Brief Description Date Begins Ends
WJB Circulation List Various  WJB623F030026 WJB623F030027
Notes to File Documents
Brief Description Date Note
WJB Notes for Conference 02-28-84 Date estimated based on the dates of oral argument and conference
WJB Conference notes 02-29-84 Date of conference,