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The Kansas City Tax Clinic began accepting clients in 1999 and has since represented more than 1,600 taxpayers and provided informal consultation to several hundred more with respect to their federal and state tax controversies.

The Clinic staff and students provide the following services to qualifying taxpayers (based on current LITC Program income guidelines):

  1. Representation before the United States Tax Court, including filing the petition, negotiating the settlement with an IRS Appeals Officer, and representation at trial, if necessary.
  2. Represent the taxpayer during an audit.
  3. Establish the taxpayer's entitlement to the Earned Income Tax Credit, dependency exemptions, the Child Tax Credit, and the Additional Child Tax Credit.
  4. Advise with respect to collection alternatives such as an offer in compromise, an installment agreement, or currently not collectible status.
  5. Prepare innocent spouse and injured spouse requests.
  6. Represent taxpayers in IRS Appeals conferences, including Collection Due Process hearings and appeals arising from adverse IRS determinations.
  7. Prepare and file requests for audit reconsideration.
  8. Assist with state tax matters, providing the taxpayer also has a related federal tax controversy.

To obtain representation by the Kansas City Tax Clinic, please visit the Contact Us page for our contact information.

Kansas City Tax Clinic
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