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Monell v. Department of Social Services
The Blackmun Files
Archival Box and File Order
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  Box 256 File 8   
  Brief Description Date Begins Ends  
  HAB Opinion Log (note) Various Dates HABMonell0001 HABMonell0002  
  Box 257 File 11  
  Brief Description Date Begins Ends  
  Memo LFP to WEB 11/11/1977 HAB257F110001    
  Memo WEB to Conference 11/11/1977 HAB257F110002    
  Memo WEB to WHR 2/13/1978 HAB257F110003    
  Memo LFP to Conference 2/23/1978 HAB257F110004 HAB257F110013  
  Memo WJB to LFP 2/23/1978 HAB257F110014 HAB257F110015  
  Memo JPS to Conference 2/23/1978 HAB257F110016    
  Memo PS to Conference 2/23/1978 HAB257F110017    
  Memo WEB to Conference 2/23/1978 HAB257F110018    
  Memo BRW to WJB 2/25/1978 HAB257F110019    
  Memo HAB to Conference 3/6/1978 HAB257F110020    
  Memo WHR to Conference 3/6/1978 HAB257F110021 HAB257F110032  
  Memo WEB to WHR 3/13/1978 HAB257F110033    
  Memo TM to WJB 4/5/1978 HAB257F110034    
  Memo JPS to WJB 4/10/1978 HAB257F110035    
  Memo WJB to JPS 4/10/1978 HAB257F110036    
  Memo LFP to WJB 4/11/1978 HAB257F110037 HAB257F110039  
  Memo JPS to WJB 4/12/1978 HAB257F110040    
  Memo BRW to WJB 4/12/1978 HAB257F110041 HAB257F110043  
  Memo WJB to BRW, LFP, JPS 4/13/1978 HAB257F110044    
  Memo WJB to Conference 4/21/1978 HAB257F110045    
  Memo PS to WJB 4/24/1978 HAB257F110046    
  Memo WJB to PS 4/25/1978 HAB257F110047 HAB257F110050  
  Memo JPS to WJB 4/26/1978 HAB257F110051    
  Memo PS to WJB 4/26/1978 HAB257F110052 HAB257F110053  
  Memo HAB to WJB 4/27/1978 HAB257F110054    
  Memo BRW to WJB 4/29/1978 HAB257F110055    
  Memo LFP to WJB 5/1/1978 HAB257F110056 HAB257F110058  
  Memo WJB to LFP 5/2/1978 HAB257F110059 HAB257F110060  
  Memo WJB to Conference 5/4/1978 HAB257F110061    
  Memo TM to WJB 5/5/1978 HAB257F110062    
  Memo LFP to WJB 5/5/1978 HAB257F110063    
  Memo BRW to WJB 5/8/1978 HAB257F110064    
  Memo PS to WJB 5/15/1978 HAB257F110065    
  Memo HAB to WJB 5/17/1978 HAB257F110066    
  Memo Marc Richman to Conference 5/23/1978 HAB257F110067 HAB257F110068  
  Memo LFP to Conference 5/24/1978 HAB257F110069 HAB257F110072  
  Memo WEB to WHR 5/31/1978 HAB257F110073    
  Memo WJB to Conference 6/13/1978 HAB257F110074 HAB257F110089  
  Memo WHR to Conference 6/14/1978 HAB257F110090 HAB257F110091  
  Memo WEB to WHRerence 6/14/1978 HAB257F110092    
  Memo SAG to Conference 1/18/1977 HAB257F110093 HAB257F110098  
  Box 258 File 1  
  Brief Description Date Begins Ends  
  LFP Concurrence 1st Draft  5/17/1978 HAB258F10001 HAB258F10009  
  WJB Opinion 3d Draft 5/4/1978 HAB258F10010 HAB258F10053  
  WHR Dissent 2d Draft 4/26/1978 HAB258F10054 HAB258F10063  
  WJB Opinion 2d Draft 4/21/1978 HAB258F10064 HAB258F10106  
  WHR Memorandum 2d Draft  1/31/1978 HAB258F10107 HAB258F10129  
  Box 258 File 2  
  Brief Description Date Begins Ends  
  WJB Memo 1st Circulated Draft 1/30/1978 HAB258F20001 HAB258F20052  
  HAB Merits Conference Notes 11/4/1977 HAB258F20053 HAB258F20054  
  HAB Notes 9/24/1977 HAB258F20055 HAB258F20056  
  Memo KE to HAB 5/5/1978 HAB258F20057 HAB258F20058  
  Memo KE to HAB no date HAB258F20059    
  HAB Oral Argument Notes 11/2/1977 HAB258F20060    
  HAB Merits Conference Notes (2)  3/6/1978 HAB258F20061    
  Copied Pages from Monroe Briefs no date HAB258F20062 HAB258F20067  
  Memo EC to Conference (Pool) 8/18/1976 HAB258F20068 HAB258F20075  
  Memo DW to HAB 1/21/1977 HAB258F20076    
  Memo KE to HAB 2/10/1978 HAB258F20077    
  Memo KE to HAB 2/23/1978 HAB258F20078 HAB258F20081  
  Memo KE to HAB 4/10/1978 HAB258F20082    
  Memo KE to HAB  9/20/1977 HAB258F20083 HAB258F20097  
  Memo KE to HAB 10/29/1977 HAB258F20098 HAB258F20099  
  Notes to Blackmun File Documents  
  Document Description Date Note  
  HAB Opinion Log Various Dates I am uncertain whether this document was in file 8 or 9.  It has no image number.